Where the task requires to be completed quickly, the Global Delivery Model is a preferred choice. In this model you have a number of offshore teams working together towards the completion of the task. This model is also used when the project is very large and requires sufficiently skilled resources to complete. The level of risk involved in this model is minimum, since even if any of the offshore development centers face an unavoidable shutdown due to any reason, the project work will not stop, as the work can be transferred immediately and continued by the remaining offshore development centers.

Advantages of the Global Delivery Model:
  1. Low Risk: In case of any disaster/emergency shutdown at any one of the offshore centers, the work can be transferred to and continued at other offshore development centers. So the risk involved is low.
  2. Round-the-clock productivity: 24×7 work cycles become possible because of the time-zone difference.
  3. Best Result: High quality work translating to the best result is achieved since you will get the benefits of skilled resources spread across the globe.
  4. Shorter lead-time: This model offers a shorter project completion time as the work is being completed by a number of offshore development centers working together with the same target.
  5. Cost benefits: The cost saving benefits resulting from offshore outsourcing is also significant.
  6. No new employee additions required: The offshore partner can provide you with a large working team with varied skill sets, something you may find difficult to do for just a single task at hand.
  7. Minimum communication gap: The presence of an onsite team, which will be in direct contact with you and is able to understand your needs better will minimize the chances of any misunderstanding.
  8. Faster Response: Because of the onsite team’s presence, response to changes in your requirements is faster.

However, having perfect co-ordination between all the offshore development centers in accordance with your satisfaction is a challenging task. This limitation can be overcome by making the best use of the most modern means of communication.