At Codi5 Technologies, our engagement models are designed to ensure that you derive the maximum Advantage. We also offer you Customized Hybrid Engagement Models (CHEMs) that give you the best of multiple engagement models so as to meet your specific business need.

Fixed Price Model

Our fixed time, fixed price model offers you a low-risk option that can be employed when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear and documented. This model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of the project. Deliverables, costs and timelines are clearly defined in this model.

Codi5 Technologies follows a phased approach that includes scoping, development, implementation and business support. Combining the fixed time, fixed price model with our solutions center, we can offer you a tremendous advantage on the cost front.

Under this option, you pay a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables. For any change in scope a predefined fixed hourly rate is paid. For any change there is a standard change request procedure that is followed, for which we have structured processes in place.

Time & Material based model

When the scope, specification and implementation plans of a software development project are not easy to define at the outset, the Time & Material Model becomes an ideal option. Under this model, you pay as per use of the hourly development efforts. Under this model we define the business model and work hand in hand with you for execution of the project. At any time during the execution of this model, if the scope is frozen, this model can be converted to the fixed price model. We follow stringent project management and reporting practices whereby task sheets are generated on a daily / weekly basis for each of the developer on the project.


Offshore Development Center (ODC)

We partner with you to invest in replicating your IT environment, training our teams, setting up communication & security systems and integrating our development processes with yours in order to ensure that your offshore team is an efficient and seamless extension of your development facilities. Your Offshore Development Center can be used to develop IT solutions, maintain legacy systems, and provide 24-hour, on-call support.

This model serves well in a long term association where it  can give you savings of up to 60%.


Engage, Build, Operate & Transfer Model (BOT)





Under this model, infrastructural facilities, teams, and other dedicated resources are assigned to you. This facility serves as an extension of your own onshore facility. The dedicated facility is staffed on a dedicated or hybrid staffing model, i.e., either by our existing resources or by your resources or by resources hired specifically for engagement or a mix of them all. We offer well-defined mechanisms for the smooth transition of the facility to you. In this model, we shall introduce a fully dedicated and equipped center for you that is decked with latest infrastructure and technologies.

Some of the advantages of this model are:-

  1. Faster Time to Market
  2. Lower Establishment Costs
  3. Risk Reduction
  4. Flexibility
  5. Process Expertise
  6. Option of setting up a captive unit down the line