Codi5 Technologies with its focus on delivering the optimal solution for you, uses a multi-dimensional approach for technology advancement to ensure that our solutions are built in a most productive and effective manner, along with culture for innovation.
The opportunities our ODC provides you:
  1. Allows you to focus on your core competencies
  2. Helps you in extending skill sets and expertise
  3. Provides you with an extended quality resource pool
  4. Results in reduced cost of development
An ODC is equipped with teams comprising of well-qualified, dedicated professionals with varied skill sets and resources who can cater to dynamic and evolving client needs. It hosts a culture which breeds innovation, focus towards client requirements, commitment and above all a mindset to outperform oneself.
Along with security, we also offer scale-ability on the resources, quality infrastructure and a need specific offshore model that brings around a favorable cost structure.
Key Features of our Offshore Development Center:
  1. Specific requirement based specific working model
  2. State of the art infrastructure with multiple layers of backup
  3. Flexibility to scale-up and scale-down resources
  4. Client specified development processes and methodologies
  5. Project management by the client or us
  6. Regular reporting and account management

With our ODC approach, you can…

Conserve capital, while continuing to innovate

You don’t have to invest any capital to get your offshore team started. At the same time, our ODC team integrates tightly with your own core development team and shares its goals and visions.

Leverage our experience

Our management team has proven experience in setting up offshore development centers for software product and services companies. You can leverage this experience to minimize risks in setting up your own offshore development center.

Retain full Management Control
With a dedicated team, you have the flexibility to manage and reallocate resources between tasks as per your needs.
Get the right people to work for you

All members of the offshore development center are hired specifically for you and as per your specific requirements. This approach differs greatly to traditional outsourcing where members are picked from an existing small pool of resources. Our approach ensures that all team members possess the required domain experience and have been screened for a team fit.

Jump start your operations

By using our ready facilities, you eliminate the time required for setting up your initial infrastructure and communication links.

Get increased productivity

Team members hired for the offshore development center are not moved to other customer teams. This ensures that you continue to get maximum productivity after the initial domain knowledge transfer.

Free up your executive team

We take full responsibility for setting up and running your offshore development center. Your executive team can continue to focus on things that matter the most – exploring new revenue streams, serving customers and coming up with newer products.