Codi5 prides itself in having a wide range of expertise in various technologies. We are also committed to deliver the best offshoring experience, at the lowest cost. To be able to do this, it is very important that we reuse experience, align with the latest technology trends & advancements and constantly hone the skills of teams with the right knowledge. For this reason Codi5 has not one but two Centers of Excellence.

Our Center of Excellence in Technology (CoET) is dedicated in learning new technologies and emerging platforms and provides technology direction and support while our Center of Excellence for Process (CoEP) focuses on process improvement and delivery setups .

The advantages of this combined model are:-


  1. Efficiency Improvement: Application/Product Development best practices and learning from successful projects are consolidated in a central repository and made conveniently accessible to all project teams through one source.
  2. Continuous Improvement: Best practices in processes, technologies, tools and artifacts are collected from various projects throughout the organization, standardized, improvised and re-distributed to the entire organization thereby shortening the learning curve for new project
  3. Business Alignment: The CoE model helps us as an organization to align with your business goals of  involving IT priorities resulting in better end-user service
  4. Employee Career Advancement: The CoE model creates compelling career opportunities for gateway teams as well as providing a platform to expose themselves to newer tools, technologies and processes. This acts as a motivation for employees to learn and grow within the organization, indirectly helping in maintaining a lower attrition rate
  5. Ability to understand and offer the latest and best possible solutions: Our CoE model not only helps us to understand your requirement better but also enables us to recommend the best possible solution to you with latest technologies and standards