Why working with us makes great business sense…



Choosing the right partner to do business with is the most important factor which could determine the success of the partnership. We at Codi5 Technologies understand today’s business environment and the importance of a competitive advantage in achieving business excellence.  It is this understanding, coupled with our extensive expertise and experience that enables us to deliver the Advantage YOU, a unique engagement model designed and perfected by our Center of Excellence for Process (CoEP) to give our clients worldwide the best offshoring experience. So when you choose Codi5 Technologies as your IT services consulting partner, you are choosing to get the “Advantage YOU”


The Advantage YOU

Offshoring is a challenge for most companies. And with good reason. Be it differences in time, culture and work ethics or lack of internal acceptance and change management or problems with integration, accountability and quality. These challenges act as a huge deterrent to companies to take full advantage of all the many benefits of offshoring. However, these challenges are most often caused by an improper structure of management or model of engagement. The Advantage YOU is a unique engagement model designed and perfected by our CoEP to provide you the best offshoring experience.

Our model is based on resource augmentation and carefully takes into consideration all factors that affect performance & profitability. From choosing the location of our teams by taking into consideration available talent, cost of resources and time difference, to our communication and governance models, Advantage YOU is sure to provide you with a pleasant offshoring experience like no other.


World’s #1 Destination for Outsourcing

Codi5’s team is located in Bangalore the worlds #1 destination for outsourcing (according to Tholons 2015 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations)


Stress-free Solution

We at Codi5  are here to provide you a completely stress free solution for your every offshoring need. Be it a single resource or an entire development center, we take care of everything to ensure that you can concentrate on your core competence while you leave the rest to us.


Customized Need Based Solution

We provide you customized need based solutions for any or all of your specific needs. Our team of experts shall device customized solutions to address your specific needs.


Cost Effective

Through Staff Augmentation you’ll be hiring a full time employee for a fraction of the cost. You avoid costs associated with the extra office space required to accommodate the extra staff, vacation, holidays, sick leave, health benefits and taxes. And more importantly you avoid the liabilities that come with additional full time employees.


Highly Flexible & Scalable

You’ll be able to easily ramp-up or ramp down the size of your team, add new teams and new expertise within your team in very little time.


Complete Control

All teams are selected specifically for you and as per your specific requirements and are managed by you, giving you complete control over deliverables, costs and timelines. You have access to these resources and can assign work to them. Working with our resources would be like working with your own employees.


Integration with Internal Processes

Your offshore team integrates tightly with your own core team and shares its expertise, methodologies, technologies, goals, and vision making it a seamless extension of your own team. Whether its using Scrum, Kanban, Basecamp, Sharepoint, Jira, Confluence, Git, etc. the team will follow your processes.


Fill Specialist Gap

Codi5 can come in handy if you’re looking for specialized skills to fill the skill-set gap within your team. For example, if you’re specifically looking for automation test engineers to compliment your manual testers.


Internal Acceptance

Existing employees often embrace a staff augmentation model more than a project outsourcing model. Your employees are less likely to feel threatened by augmenting staff with a few individuals than by outsourcing entire projects.


IP ownership

All intellectual property and copyrights of the work done by the offshore resources remain with you.


Cultural & Gender Diversity

Businesses that are cultural & gender diverse have better financial outcomes than those that are not owing to the fact that diversity adds multiple viewpoints, ideas, insights and better problem solving skills. Our team consists of a large number of women and an offshore team with Codi5 will add cultural and gender diversity to your company.