Codi5 Technologies’ Software Product Engineering Services, partners with you in delivering and maintaining software products to realize your corporate vision !

Offshoring product development helps Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), as well as software product development organizations including start-ups in freeing their valuable resources from development and concentrating on their core activities.

Offshoring of product development to us helps you in leveraging our development capabilities across different technologies to take new product ideas to newer heights. Doing so also reduces the time to market to a great extent which gives you an edge over your competition.

As an independent software vendor or software product company, you are interested in shorter development and testing life cycles which directly affect time to market, reducing software development & support costs and enhancing product functionality in order to generate greater value to your customers. But the volatile nature of technology & software skills pose a challenge. But the same volatile nature of technology, skills and methodologies can be converted into an advantage by offshoring the product development activity.

At Codi5 Technologies, we understand that product development (OPD) requires the offshore team to work in very close collaboration with your engineering team. In the process, partnering with us for product development services helps client leverage a strong value proposition, low time to market, reduced development costs and quality resources.

Codi5 Technologies utilizes its product development expertise and product development and engineering frameworks to provide end-to-end product development services. We offer specialized product development services as well as end-to-end product development services based on your needs.

We specialize in the following key offerings, covering the entire product development lifecycle, including

  1. New product design and development
  2. Feature enhancement
  3. Product platform migration
  4. Software product testing
  5. Software product maintenance and support
  6. Product release and license management
  7. Product Help Desk Support Services
  8. Product packaging for distribution
  9. Technology Partner for Start-ups