As your organization ascends through each phase of maturity, the achievement of its critical success factors must also evolve.  Leading organizations take a balanced approach to managing six critical success factors.  Managed together, they represent the framework from which BPM competencies are built.  At Codi5 Technologies we help you define these six success factors and help your business evolve …

  1. Strategic alignment:  The continual tight linkage of organizational priorities and enterprise processes, that enable the achievement of business goals.
  2. Culture and leadership:  The collective values and beliefs that shape process-related attitudes and behaviors.
  3.  People: The individuals and groups who continually enhance and apply their process related expertise and knowledge.
  4.  Governance:  Relevant and transparent accountability, decision making and reward processes to guide actions.
  5.  Methods:  The approaches and techniques that support and enable consistent process actions and outcomes.
  6.  Information technology:  The software, hardware and information management systems that enable and support process activities.